Lund, BC

Sunshine Coast, Canada

since 1889


the Undiscovered!!



Tiny as it is, Lund has most of the amenities you will need for your stay – food, accommodation and activities.  Check out our "Activities" links for suggestions on all the things to do here in Lund then check out our "Businesses" page for a list of most of the businesses that serve Lund and area.

On the north side of Lund Harbour is the historic Lund Hotel boasting a restaurant and pub with ocean views, a laundromat, general store with liquor outlet, post office, kayak rental shop, and outstanding local artisans' gallery.

The public marina offers electricity and drinking water connections, clean showers and washrooms, and wifi service.  There is a separate year-round marine fuel dock.

Settled mid-Harbour is a bakery café, a sweater and book store, and a business that offers zodiac boat tours and kayak rentals.

Perched over the south side of Lund Harbour is a seafood restaurant.  It is accessed via a historic boardwalk which passes and old waterwheel.  The waterwheel building hosts a seasonally-operated, unstaffed Visitor Info kiosk.

Highway 101, a segment of the Pacific Coastal Route, is paved all 28kms from Powell River to Lund.  There is no fuel for land-based vehicles.  BCAA (CAAA/AAA) does service the area.  A word of advice, avoid driving a motorhome down to the waterfront because it is difficult to turn around.  Park in the parking lot by the “Mile 0” marker and walk the extra few steps.

There are two pay phones in Lund and cell phone reception is best along the waterfront.  Community Access Public Internet Service is available at the hotel for a nominal fee and  free wifi service offered by businesses along the Harbour.  English is the main language spoken in Lund but there is a significant French Canadian community here.

The tap water is potable as Lund has its own chlorinated water system.  Lund also has its own sewage treatment system so sewage is not discharged into the ocean.  The campground/RV park has sewage drains at each site and there is a pump-out station for boats at the public wharf.

Lund is serviced by the Northside Fire Department which has a station in Lund.  In case of fire, dial 9-1-1.  In case of medical emergency, dial 9-1-1 and Medical First Responders will quickly act to assist until an ambulance arrives.  For all other emergencies, dial 9-1-1. 


Shellfish Capital of the Sunshine Coast