Lund, BC

Sunshine Coast, Canada

since 1889


the Undiscovered!!



What is there to do in sunny Lund, BC, you ask? Where to begin?

Sea kayaking video is exceptional, especially around the sheltered bays and islets of the nearby Copeland islandS Provincial Marine Park (aka Ragged islands) click here, a group of pristine islands situated north of the Lund Harbour. The sea life is abundant with seals, sea lions, fish, sea stars, and water fowl.  Orcas now frequent the waters and bald eagles are plentiful.  Or paddle into world renowned Desolation Sound Marine Park click here for a bigger outdoor experience.

Salmon, cod and prawn fishing is rewarding.  Not interested in fishing?  Charter a sightseeing tour boat and explore the Copeland Islands Provincial Marine Park click here or the spectacular sights of world famous Desolation Sound Provincial Marine Park click here.

Snorkel, swim or sunbathe the sandy white shores of tropical Savary Island click here which is just twelve minutes away by water taxi. The unpaved roadways, winding trails and friendly islanders make it a relaxing place to bike, hike, or beachcomb.

Accessible by boat, the bird sanctuary on Mitlenatch Island Provincial Marine Park click here is a bird watcher’s paradise but is also home to interesting and unusual flowers, foliage, and butterflies, not to mention the seals and sea lions.

Hike the nearby Sunshine Coast Trail click here which begins at Sarah Point, north of Lund, and ends in Saltery Bay south of Powell River.  Accessible from several points along the route, hikers can plan short day hikes, overnight hikes or longer multi-day free hut-to-hut hikes. The shorter Hurtado Point Trail is 1km south of Lund and has a spectacular ocean view.

The Sliammon Nation offers a First Nations cultural experience. Native to the area, this west coast nation offers grizzly bear tours in the fall.

Purchase a Tidal Waters Sport Fishing License click here and pick oysters or dig clams on the beach at Okeover Inlet.  From the shore, several oyster farms can be identified by their white floats across the Inlet.  Also, catch crabs or dig for clams and cockles on Savary Island.

With the warmest waters north of the Baja Peninsula, local scuba diving video boasts excellent visibility and truly abundant sea life.  Night dives can be spectacular, especially for octopus enthusiasts.

Basically Lund is a place to really get away from it all; be really active or just relax, unwind and take a deep breath of fresh ocean air then repose a while.


Shellfish Capital of the Sunshine Coast